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Grounded - Richard Risner RLA, ASLAthere is small black beach rock, white gravel, dg path with metal edging. Grounded - Richard Risner RLA, ASLAIts lined with a granite that was selected by the owner.
Grounded - Richard Risner RLA, ASLAthe tall green plants are Papyrus the smaller blue grass is called Blue Oat Grass.

Grounded - Richard Risner RLA, ASLAit was constructed by the contractor from a short bronze pipe under the water surface. Grounded - Richard Risner RLA, ASLAThese were actually custom made from a yacht, boating & sailing manufactuer and are not available on the market. Using three shiny spheres in different sizes makes a unique and modern statement in a landscape.

Tiled inside water area. The actual fountain elements are Vessel-Architectural Pottery from Grounded-Modern Living.

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