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Plaisted Companies has a large variety of decorative rock — choose from 4 different sizes and 8 different colors. Whether it’s landscaping stone, construction aggregates, stone for your French drain, gravel for your driveway or sand for your icy walkways, you will be pleased with our products and take comfort in knowing you are using natural products from a supplier dedicated to keeping the environment healthy and safe. If once we were message-centered and faith-based, we are now culture-centric and rock-solid in disbelief. The problem is you cannot present any evidence such non man made granite cubes exist, thus your question is not scientific, but speculative.

Consider also that there are non-man made granite cubes that are in fact produced by mindless natural processes.
As in the pictures above, some rock piles can be explained by mindless natural mechanisms without the need to invoke intelligent design to explain the origin of these rocks or their arrangements. Cool, but clearly not in the same category as the various rock formations presented in the photographs I’ve provided for you. Another water feature, using Columnar basalt and Rainbow rock pondless reservoir, plus additional plantings.

We created a water feature with an oriental feel, using Chinese granite and featherlite rocks.
Removed sod, installed commercial grade landscape fabric for weed barrier, created dry creek look with assorted local rock and imported Mexican beach pebble (black rock).

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