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Ideal Landscape Maintenance and Construction located in Holden and Shrewsbury Massachusetts, has been providing year-round residential landscaping services in central Massachusetts since 1996.
Our services include complete design and build from concept to completion, walkways, paver walks, natural stone walks, patios, driveways, lawn installations, shrub maintenance, planting installation and most general landscape services. Thoughtful, well-designed landscaping is the finishing touch for your home, enhancing curb appeal and adding value while expanding your living space. I will readily admit that plant names in general are never my strength for memory retention, and trees are at the top of that list.
The idea with this post is to get you thinking about what conifers would look great in your landscape and to get your little landscaping rear-end to your nearest Independent Garden Center to get them as soon as possible before it gets too cold and the selection has dwindled. This tough evergreen shrub has a bad reputation for being boring thanks to its ubiquitous use along roadsides, in shopping malls and just about anywhere else you need a low maintenance, fuss-free plant.

Barrenwort are generally hardy in zones 5-8 and prefer partial shade or full shade in average-dry soil.
Planted specifically where rainwater habitually pools, rain gardens are attractive landscaping elements that capture and filter stormwater. In general terms, a dam is any structure that obstructs or converts the flow of water in rivers and streams, and they frequently serve more than one purpose. The remaining 16% of dam failures are the result of other causes including structural failure of materials, inadequate maintenance, settlement and cracking, and deliberate acts of sabotage. In addition, operational changes such as proactively shifting energy usage away from peak demand times where electricity is most expensive, or generating electricity and heat from biogas, can greatly reduce energy usage.
Incorporating eco-friendly design and maintenance into your landscaping will not only help to save the environment, but will also provide a beautiful, inviting yard that is simple to maintain.

Follow these 10 tips and you will soon have a beautiful backyard that requires little maintenance, leaving you time to relax in your hammock knowing that you’ve helped make the world a greener place. In addition, rain gardens have the added bonus of decreasing the surface area of your lawn while providing inexpensive, low-maintenance, and appealing landscaping. Creeping perennials may also be used for groundcover lawns, many of which smell wonderful, need little maintenance, and feel soft underfoot.

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