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This stat is a bit different as it takes into account a player’s contribution on defense as well as baserunning and spits out one easy number.
None of this means that stats are the be all, end all or that teams can just do away with their scouting department. WayneD October 28, 2014 at 2:15 am It never ceases to amaze me how many people have been browbeaten into believing that cybermetric stats are more important than the old-time standard stats, such as runs scored, RBIs, and ERA. Cybermetrics ignores one very important fact: baseball games are won by the team that scores the most runs and allows the fewest runs, not by the team with the highest OBP or wOBP or OPS+ or any of those other stats that are interesting and somewhat informative, but not as important as runs scored, RBIs, and ERA. Put succinctly, until baseball changes the rules and awards a win to the team with the highest OBP+ (or whatever), the most important stats are runs scored, RBIs, and ERA because those stats determine actually determine who wins the game 98-100% of the time. In conclusion, OBP really only matters if the player has above average to excellent running ability, such as in the case of Ellsbury and Gardner. Cybermetric stats are interesting and they are useful in determining a players value, but they are not more important than the old time stats of runs scored, RBIs, and ERA because those stats actually determine who wins the game.
I agree that sybermetrics has value, particularly in juding how good a player on a bad team might perform on a better team, but the value of the various sybermetric stats, in general, have been vastly overstated. As for your understanding of baseball, I don't doubt that, but, again, you have a flawed understanding of how statistics work. By the way, many of the people that started sabermetrics and some of its biggest proponents have been hired by many major league teams and 29 teams (the Phillies being the exception) have advanced statistics guys. If I could go off on a tangent for a bit, I thought a lot about the 2014 Yankees and how terrible they should have been but because of Joe Girardi they were actually pretty decent. Larry October 28, 2014 at 3:29 pm And if the Yankees had their normal 5 plus 90 RBI guys, 6 plus 90 run guys and 1-20 win guy, 2-17 win guys they would had been first. Gardner had a decent OBP but to many times struck out and failed to move a runner over or in. Rob Abruzzese October 28, 2014 at 4:37 pm Ichiro is actually a perfect example of why understanding stats beyond batting average are important.

Balt Yank October 28, 2014 at 3:28 pm The core stats count, period, including on base percentage. These are not the best stats, but to me they are the quickest ways to finding out how good of a hitter a player is, how often he gets on base and how much power he has. However, it is often overrated and tells only a small part about a player so if it is the only stat cited about a player it can fall short of being useful. Batting average ignores a walk and a hit by pitch, both valuable tools in creating runs and driving up pitch counts.
If I were forced to use one stat, and in everyday conversation it is often easier to refer to just one stat, that number should be wOBA or at least OPS+.
On base percentage, more than any other traditional baseball stat, correlates directly with runs scored whereas a team with a higher OBP is more likely to score more runs than, say for instance, a team with a higher batting average. Your obviously an inteligent man, but even you have fallen into the trap of believing stats that don't result in runs are more important than runs. Runs scored, RBIs, and ERA are still very valuable stats in determining how much a player has helped his team win games. There have been multiple studies done in the books and websites that I have recommended to you, that show that OBP and OPS+ more directly correlate to runs than other stats. The Yankees have always outperformed their run differential under him (including in 2008 when I didn't even think he was that great of a manager. Unfortunately, we, as fans discussing baseball, are also prone to mistakes and biases so while stats may not tell the entire picture they are essential in helping us evaluate baseball players in the most unbiased way. Usually a team with a negative run differential is towards the bottom of the standings (Rays (-13), Red Sox (-81)) but the fact the Yankees had a run differential of -31 and still sandwiched themselves between the Orioles (+113) and the Blue Jays (+37) is quite remarkable. Instead of hitters, I started calling them batters.The goal was not to get a hit 3 times in every ten at bats. None of the recent World Series winning Yankees teams (96-2000 or 2009) had a player that bad. Other stats are still needed, but it’s quick and it takes into account everything — how well a player hits, how well he draws walks, how much power he has, what he is contributing defensively and on the base paths.

The reason we can think of a few that stand out as bad (like Swisher or Cano) is either because they haven't had enough at bats yet or they are so rare that they actually stand out quite a bit.
250 PA).However, while Gardner has clearly mastered the art of the infield hit, the same cannot be said about his ability to bunt, as he laid down just one successful bunt in 11 bunt attempts.
Now there are even better stats at measuring power, but this is quick, to the point and even my dad understands it. Buchholz had a career year in 2013 (12-1, 1.74 ERA in 16 starts) but is having one of his worst seasons this year.
To fix this, Gardner spent a lot of time in the offseason working on his bunting skills: "That's the good thing about hitting off a (pitching) machine," Gardner told the New York Daily News. It's too easy to pitch around a good hitter on a bad team, which is why, IMO, the adjusted stats these days should not only be field-adjusted, but team adjusted. The team is filled with players who will work the count and take walks, enabling them to put together one of the highest-scoring offenses in baseball year-in, year-out.However, on the flip side, the Twins pitching staff pounds the strike zone and does not issue walks. With the Yankees rotation having more questions than answers entering the postseason, Sabathia will once again be relied upon heavily to not only win his starts, but to soak up innings. Gardner embodies what makes the Yankees so difficult to pitch to, according to Baseball Prospectus. He found three -- power hitting, front-end starting pitching, and the ability to turn batted balls into outs.

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