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Hardiness zones are based on average annual minimum (winter) temperatures and define the geographical range in which a given plant might be expected to survive.
Generally speaking, the lower the zone number, the colder the average annual minimum temperature. Canada is divided into many different climate zones which range from 0 (coldest) to 8a (warmest).
If you are unsure which zone you live in click on the map below and you will be transferred to Agriculture Canada’s Plant Hardiness Zone Map.

Descriptions of plants in catalogues and garden stores use hardiness zone ratings to express a plant's tolerance for cold temperatures.
The divisions between zones are based on differences of 10 degrees Fahrenheit and the 11 zones are subdivided into A and B categories that indicate differences of five degrees Fahrenheit. The colour-coded map of Canada makes it easier for you to determine which zone you live in.
One portion of the site is dedicated to plant hardiness zone maps, which have traditionally been used by gardeners to help select which plant species to grow in their area.

Each and every plant we carry has a Hardiness Zone rating which will tell you whether or not it is able to be grown in your area.

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