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It’s spring, and with that comes gardening season.   Home gardening adds aesthetic appeal to your home and, depending on what you grow, could yield tasty results.
Plus there are the health benefits.  CNN recently pointed out that gardening is an excellent stress reliever and even has some physical benefits.
About Get Stor-ganizedWhether you need self storage help, moving and organizing tips or are just looking for something fun, Uncle Bob’s can help. Hometalk community bloggers share their summer gardening tips to see you through the season. Even though this tip may seem cumbersome, planting vegetable gardens in raised beds gives you many benefits that gardening straight in the ground does not, including easier pest and weed control and the use of better, richer soil—plus the ability to lengthen your growing time. Build your confidence in the garden by first excelling at some easy-to-grow veggies, like tomatoes, snap peas, lettuce, and squash.
Seeds are a great option for an experienced vegetable gardener, but if this is your first time getting your hands dirty, start with small plants from the store rather than tiny seeds. When you're dealing with a small home garden, staying organic isn’t tough to do, and it’s healthier!

Snails, slugs, aphids, ants—there are a lot of competitors out there trying to munch your lunch, but with a good eye and the right tools, you can keep them at bay.
Hang a pallet and install some hooks for your tools.  This will keep everything in one spot and help you free up some precious garage storage space. We’ve compiled some home gardening tips to help you organize and enjoy your gardening experience on the cheap. Many vegetables can flourish in containers big and small, and it’s not tough to start your own crop.
Instead of guessing, take a sample to a local lab or extension office to determine the soil’s nutrients and characteristics. These guys aren’t finicky, and you’ll likely be able to enjoy armfuls of fresh produce after your very first attempt at gardening. Seeing the plant as it grows will help you gauge how your care is coming along, and it will take a lot of the guesswork out of planting. There are plenty of organic gardening tricks and tips out there for interested beginners, like what to use as a natural fertilizer.

Use this natural eggshell hack to keep the bigger guys away, and try a DIY pepper flake or garlic spray to deter smaller insects.
Turns out, though, that starting your own vegetable garden right in your backyard isn’t as tricky as you might think. For a sure-fire trick, make your own sludgy mixture of natural compost tea, to enrich the soil and boost your plant growth.
With these seven helpful summer gardening tips and tricks, the beginner gardener will be nursing a green thumb in no time.

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