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Now that Cooking is required for Eagle, we can expect to see it near the top of┬áthe merit badge leaderboard for some time. When my nephew was a Boy Scout – we tried to take photos of alot of what he did for Merit Badges, not just for proof, but for a Scrapbook he did, and now he has a photo memory of his Journey in Scouts!
Well, consider this: Last year, more Scouts earned the Game Design MB than these 10 merit badges combined.
Below are the merit badges offered by the Boy Scouts of America with a link to the respective workbook page at

Some troops purchase extra emblems in anticipation of future badge earnings, so sales numbers can be skewed. I had him take pictures of his visit to show the Staff Member doing the Merit Badge instead of just me signing off saying it had been done. Especially if the boy attempts to do the badge at summer camp more than once AND it’s a required merit badge. My son was only a couple merit badges away from being able to earn his eagle and it was those same eagle required merit badges he started at camp that kept him from earning the rank.

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