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The wood chips need to be spread evenly in areas that have been designated ensuring that they create a uniform layer. Immediately after spreading the wood chips in designated areas and ensuring that they have they are of required thickness you should go ahead and water them immediately. If you want your backyard to look stunningly beautiful you can always use colored wood chips that complement the surrounding areas and flowers on the plants. Biography: Jake Hyet is an experienced arborist who has extensive knowledge in dealing with the most difficult subject about Canopy Tree wood chips. He suggested putting a layer of leaves on top of the chips in the Fall.   I think I will also put a layer of grass on top of the wood chips in late September followed by the leaves to help speed up the decompositon of the wood chips.
Robyn, the reason I used grass is that it heats up quickly when it decomposes, causing the paper and wood to heat up too. Lately I uploaded a new article page about no till sheet mulch gardening, lasagna gardening, after I learned that it’s anti-green living in regards to off the property.
If you look around at all the landscape trees planted in islands of red bark chips these days, it’s hard to believe that garden mulching was virtually unknown half a century ago. What high-carbon mulches, like wood chips or bark, rob plants of nitrogen as they break down. Wood chips give you much more flexibility should you decide to enlarge a bed or change your layout.

If I used chips and mulch then I will be constantly fighting to keep chips out of gravel and gravel out of chips where they meet up.
I also found a plant nursery about 20 miles from here where they allow tree service companies and city tree services to dump their shredded wood too.
An expert arborist will first pull out the weeds where the chips are to be placed and ensure that it is clean. A good number of industry experts always ensure that the chips are about 2-3 inches thick in order to give better end results. This is vital for the prevention of water repelling fungal which in most cases is can cause damage to the whole chips.
It is important to solicit the advice of expert Arborist Sydney who can periodically inspect the wood chips the first few days after they have been arranged. He is known for his unique back yard styles, ideas, and solid advice, on matters that concern backyards and home gardening.
It seems like we would get more in the wood chips as they break down, but we could also add wood chips as they break down to mulch the weeds! It would also be advised that some sort of layer was put underneath to prevent weeds growing up through the wood chips though.
It took me about 5 hours of heavy moving to get them placed where I wanted them, but I now have a 6 inch thick blanket of wood chips in what will become a very nice garden on the side of my house.

You only need to choose a reliable Arborist Sydney professional to clean up the place, and arrange the wood chips in the backyard to make it look more appealing. Of course, in some areas where plants exist, the chips are always pulled about 6 inches away to allow for soil aeration. In fact, with watering you will be well placed to know areas that did not get enough wood chips and add more in those lacking. I also don’t think I can find “donors” for grass, chipped wood, newspapers and cardboards where I live. Right now I have a big pile of gravel that I could use but I'd have to wait (perhaps until next year) to do wood chips. It is especially great around evergreens, rhododendrons, azaleas, blueberries, gardenias, camellias, magnolias and strawberries which all benefit from the acidity.
After, the designated areas shall be outlined in order to get arough estimate of the chips that will be required.
In cases of structure the chips always pulled away about 6 inches too so that moisture is not trapped leading to rot.

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