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A sandpit that doubles as a Zen garden - A Japanese garden could be just the solution if you like the idea of a sandpit for the kids, but don’t want it to impact negatively on your outdoor space. In this garden river stones of all the same size create a clean ground cover, especially where there is little need for pedestrian access.Design ideas for a contemporary side yard landscape in Seattle. Instead of a poured concrete swale, these homeowners opted for a dry streambed lined with water-worn stones and edged with eye-catching plantings.
Just rake the sand over after a play session and it will become the perfect spot for meditating once more.Inspiration for a contemporary full sun backyard landscape in San Francisco.

Foamflowers, tiny hostas, and ornamental ivies are at home among the rocks in a shady spot along the banks of the streambed.
Several groupings are anchored with slender river birches (Betula nigra) to provide overhead screening from a neighboring residence uphill. Winding gently downhill, from shade into full sun, it creates a stunning setting for an ever-changing collection of plants.
I suggested my clients meet with Rodney Clemons and Thomas Rice, whose work with stone in Japanese gardens and in naturalistic water features I had admired for years.

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