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I find the world pretty overwhelming, so I'm getting into meditation and doing lots of yoga.
In today’s fast pace world, we often hear terms like renew, reinvigorate, and rejuvenate urging us to take time to revive our senses, relax our minds, or repair our bodies.  Whether it’s a new face lotion, sworn-by yoga move, or relaxing getaway, we are reminded that rejuvenating ourselves is necessary in our busy lives.

Whether it is just enjoying the beauty (with a little help from Madison Earth Care!), or getting down and dirty, rejuvenation can always be found in the garden.   “In every garden is a gate to heaven”, it’s just a matter of finding how the garden can become your place of Nirvana. And I love my garden, and I love nature, and I feel like that grounds me and keeps my mind clear.

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