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Hiking the Highline Trail to Granite Park Chalet – Glacier NPOn Sunday, Sept 6,  Matt and I hiked the Highline Trail of Glacier National Park to spend two nights at the Granite Park Chalet. The Highline Trail begins across Going to the Sun Road from the parking lot for the Logan Pass Visitor Center. After this section of trail, the landscape opens up a bit, though we couldn’t see a whole lot of it on this day due to passing storm clouds. In fact, from reading other descriptions of this trail, I believe that Haystack Butte is usually visible to the hiker at this point.  It did not become visible to us for some time. Speaking of huckleberries, we also definitively observed the answer to the age-old question: a bear shits in the woods ONLY if a trail is not available.

As we walked through and past slides of jumbled rock I’d hear, and occasionally catch a glimpse of, a pika.
In my next blog installment I’ll report on our day at the chalet and on our hike out via The Loop Trail.
Long ago, lodges were built in the park for well-to-do visitors and trails were built between these lodges so that  guests could travel about by horseback. One of the most popular day hikes is to Crypt Lake, which was certainly a highlight for us. A favourite place for bear-spotting is the Red Rock Parkway, a 15 km (9 mi) road that was once a buffalo trail and offers great views of Mt.

It can be difficult finding a parking place at the scenic lookouts and sections of the road are under construction so there can be traffic delays. For those who prefer to sleep on a bed rather than on the ground, there are several hotels including the luxurious Prince of Wales. If you really want to experience the park you should get off the highway and hike one of the trails.

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