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GrowNYC has found that not only is there a link between improved tests scores and school gardens, but the gardens also promote more physical activity, better eating habits, a stronger connection to the environment, and a change in attitude towards learning. SUPPLIES: I purchased bulk, organic potting soil, coconut coir, compost, seeds and plant starts with donations and my own money. Listen to Cindy from Home Grown Fun on the Popular Vegetable Gardening Podcast with host Mike the Gardener. She believes that funding will also benefit parents, who will be invited participate in various gardening activities such as a planned gardening day in May.
I volunteer at a humble, public elementary school located in a Southern California farming community. Educational materials such as informational signs for the greenhouse and outdoor areas helped teachers give self-guided tours.

They learn fun propagation techniques, seed saving methods and how to install vertical gardens.
Jean Mickle, along with several students harvested and cleaned dozens of French Breakfast radishes for delivery to the Bedford Food Pantry on Thursday. About a third of the city’s schools currently have gardens, but the GrowNYC program hopes to plant at least one garden at every school in the city. I found free supplies on Craigslist and loaded up my own kids many times to collect donated items for the garden like worm bins, plants and tools.
One fifth grade class constructed bottle towers with heirloom lettuces and another went on Garden Challenges I designed. The new program provides access to all the support and information needed in order to maintain a successful garden.

If you donate I will follow up with emails and pictures (upon image approval from the school and parents) and make sure the school (and my Facebook, website and YouTube friends) know about your generosity unless you want to remain anonymous.
Help includes everything from how-to guides, grants, gardening supplies, and access to gardening experts.

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