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If you know a kid that's interested in making a garden, this is the perfect article for you!
Find the gardening section In the spring, the supplies might be scattered all over the store. If you'd like your kids to grow up loving gardening and learning how to grow their own food, it's never too early to get started.
For very small hands, make the job even easier by planting the seeds in cardboard egg cartons. If you have a large garden, you might include more pets, such as a rabbit or guinea pig enclosure, a goat or sheep, etc. If there are nasty pests in the garden, like spitting caterpillars, teach your kids to recognize them and to stay aware from them. Remember to protect young tender heads, faces, and hands with a hat and pair of kids garden gloves. This brightly colored folding seat will give the young gardeners a spot to sit as the get down close to the ground with their seeds and plants. This set inspires me personally because I have 2 grandsons and I let them plant a small area in my vegetable garden every spring. Radio Flyer is a trusted name in children's outdoor toys and kids will love this signature red wheelbarrow to help with the heavy work around the yard.
This pint sized girly garden tote is made of sturdy brightly colored fabric and the tools are smooth plastic. While there are many ways to get your kids interested in gardening, here are some suggestions to get you started.
A big part of the fun is having the right tools and there are many gardening tools made just for kids, in their size, and in wonderful colors. While it's important to involve your children in choosing the plants, make sure that the choice is from plants likely to be as trouble-free as possible, especially for beginner gardeners. Do the hard work of tilling the soil and adding the nutrients for them––they can learn about that later.

When it comes time to transfer the seedling (or the seed) to the soil, cut out each little egg holding portion and let your kids plant the whole thing into the ground. Add a birdbath, bird feeder and feeders for any furry wildlife such as squirrels, hedgehogs, possums, or whatever it's okay to attract to your yard. Help them to understand the beneficial role of animals in gardening, as well as pest problems. Get crafty with the kids and recycle, repurpose and remake things that can serve as decorations or tools in the garden.
After you've made the objects, or purchased some at the garden center with your kids' agreement, have the kids decide where they'd like the garden decorations to go.
Explain that while it's fun to grow flowers and veggies, care needs to be taken to prevent non-native plants from escaping the garden and invading the local environment. Bring the garden indoors for winter, so that your kids can still enjoy the benefits of growing plants and learn how some plants can actually thrive in an indoor environment. Gardening is an experience for life and one of the lessons it teaches children is that there is a season for everything and that it all cycles again.
Don't force the issue––buy a lovely pair of gardening gloves and give them a knee rest so that they don't have to get soil on their skin.
Teach children to never disturb ant, wasp or bee nests either; teach respect, not disgust for such creatures. She enjoys editing new articles, patrolling recent changes, and interacting in the wikiHow forums. Also choose a few plants that will produce a delicious edible harvest for your children to pick and take straight to the table from the garden.
For now, give them the joy of planting, watering and waiting for their little plants to sprout. Encourage continued decorating projects, including removal of decorations that have become a little worse for wear over time. However, you can make the most of their affinity for all things electronic and have them download a suitable gardening app or two, and by doing research about their garden and its plants online.

Good choices include a small herb garden, a windowsill planter, a terrarium built in an unwanted fish tank, or a window box. Learning this can be highly beneficial, especially for children prone to spending a lot of time indoors and in cars going to other indoor places. This tends to change as children age, but fun can be had by adding bounties to weeds, such as one cent a weed or a dollar for a pile of weeds reaching a pre-determined height, etc.
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And it meets the standards of safety for children's products so you know it's safe for kids ages 3+. Root crops like carrots and radishes are perfect for little ones to grow as a first crop, but they love to help me harvest my tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, and strawberries too. The set also comes with a set of kids tools, stakes to identify the new plants, and a gardening book with activities and ideas for spending some quality time with a budding little farmer. Gardening gloves for kids often come in wonderful colors and patterns too and each child should have a pair of his or her own. Explain to them why you cannot grow some plants in the garden, such as plants that are considered to be invasive species. And as the kids get older, help them to use the internet to search for harder garden projects, like making a sundial, building a chicken coop or rigging up a solar power warming pad. Whether it's growing flowers or vegetables, or both, they can use tools, gloves, hats and more that are made especially for them.
Encourage the exchange of knowledge online into real achievements in the garden––this is a good lesson in ensuring that they see the computer as a tool in wider life activities. Instill a love for nature, outdoors and nutrition when they are young, and spend some great family time, too.

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