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Years ago I started a blog feature called The Garden Shed Hall of Fame because I had shed envy.
For fun, I started asking blog readers to share photos of their sheds, which you will see here along with shed photos I have taken while visiting other gardens. Ironcially, I actually have a shed of my own now —but it’s not very nice to look at and dearly needs a makeover, which I hope to do before too long. I hope you enjoy this collection of favourite sheds—there’s every style from rustic and more traditional, to some more modern looking designs, including one with a living, succulent roof.
If you are going to build your own shed, this should help determine which type you would like in your garden.
If you would like a book on great garden sheds, I highly recommend Stylish Sheds and Elegant Hideaways: Big Ideas for Small Backyard Destinations by Debra Prinzing. This next one is my shed – you can see how I gave it a makeover and painted the vinyl siding here.

As I share with Bill, I hope a few of these ideas will also give you the creative boost that you need to get started on your own garden projects! Here is a very tiny house (used as a light in the cottage garden), that you can quickly gather ideas from. What a great idea than to transform a simple garden shed into a decorative cottage from the outside. The shed, dubbed the Woodhenge Pub by its creator, houses a beer bottle collection of over 500 real ales, 110 ciders, and even spirit optics.
Creative Brits have converted their sheds into a weird and wonderful variety of buildings, including a tardis, Britain's smallest working post office, and even a boat. I had a small garden without a shed and envied all the beautiful sheds I would see on garden tours. Bill needed some help coming up with a few creative ideas for his new cottage garden project.

I know many people who also took a playhouse and transformed it into a garden shed or greenhouse after the kids grew up. He is trying to pull together a little cottage garden complete with raised beds and a Victorian style chicken coop, where an old above ground swimming pool used to be.
Many of them were renovated to become a great decoration of a garden so if you have a garden shed you don’t like you can turn into something as beautiful as these sheds.
Send us a photograph of it and we will consider it for our gallery of readers' shed pictures.

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