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With today's busy schedules, few people are able to enjoy their gardens during prime daylight hours. But there is a way you can delight in the fragance and beauty of flowers after dark: plant a night-blooming garden!
An aromatic, night-blooming garden offers a peaceful and tranquil spot to rest and relax at the end of the day. For some reason, planting by the phases of the moon is somewhat controversial. Perhaps some folks just write it off because it sounds like new-age, astrology, voodoo, mumbo jumbo, hippie crap.

Also known as moon gardens, night-blooming gardens are expressly designed for evening enjoyment. Pale-colored flowers reflect light from the setting sun and the rising moon, shining luminously and giving the garden an almost mystical glow. I imagine that since the moon’s position affects both the tides and our own bodies, it could have an affect on plants and the soil that they grow in as well. And "lunar gardening" does kind of sound like, pardon the pun, lunacy, except when you consider that plants have been dealing with the celestial habits of the moon equally as long as they've been dealing with the sun's. And like the sun, the moon has a very real effect on the Earth and it's systems.

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