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The amazing HomeTalk community comes to the rescue once again with never ending junky garden container inspiration. I love all the ideas for planters and it makes me ache for spring and flowers…not snow! Garden junk ideas are an artistic way to transform your old household items into treasures. The garden junk ideas with upcycled household items or treasures from the flea market are limited only by the imagination of the gardener. Upcycled Wonders gives you creative ideas and new ways for repurposing, reusing and upcycling old things, DIY furniture projects, clothes, art, garden junk.
You can plant annual flowers in just about any container and quirky junk shop finds (like the ones you see here) are my favourites.

Keep in mind that old junk is great for decorative plantings—not food crops—as you never know if the old paints, finishes, and materials are food safe. Thanks those are great container idea planters, i usually find great stuff at estate sales cheap.Just so happens there is one in the paper for this weekend. By linking up here, you’re cool with me featuring you on my blog,  Pinterest, Twitter, FJI Facebook and I Love That Junk with no additional permission required. In the meantime I never get tired of seeing all the cool gardening stuff everyone else is up to! Normally I cram planters full of a variety of plants, but pansies don’t need anything but a solid backdrop to show off their beauty. Consider the overall shape and design of the object to decide where it would fit in your garden.

This way of upcycling is environmentally friendly because the junk is used to beautify the garden space rather than be piled up in a landfill.
If you have a garden fence, you can decorate it with birdhouses, mirrors or chairs or to use unusual flower planters like old boots, a wheelbarrow, old chest of drawers and even an old computer monitor and a sink.

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