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Choose the perfect plant for 30 garden locations, from a sunny border in clay soil to a shady woodland site or soggy pond perimeter.
Planning your garden has never been easier, with a comprehensive range of more than 3,000 plants organized by size and situation. Each year Smithsonian Gardens welcomes over 30 million visitors to 180 landscaped acres in Washington, DC.
Use the plant recipes or select from the thousands of plants highlighted to design your own unique space. James Gagliardi grew up gardening at his family’s 1780’s colonial home in Berlin, Connecticut. The 15000 plants featured in this encyclopedia have been selected by consultants from the UK, North America and Europe. Our mission is to share the wonders of the natural world by publishing books from experts in the fields of gardening, horticulture, and natural history. By Greg Speichert and Sue SpeichertForeword by Ann Lovejoy Without question, the best book I've ever read on the subject of water gardening.

Encyclopedia of Water Garden Plants is the definitive photographic reference to the full range of plants available to the water gardener. Sue Speichert is a founder of Water Gardening Magazine, and the American Water Garden Society. They include not only tried and tested garden favourites, but also a selection of unusual species and cultivars. This volume includes hundreds of water garden plants often overlooked in other books, such as marginal plants, floating plants, bog plants, and submerged plants. He and his wife Sue previously owned and operated a groundbreaking nursery in Indiana popularizing water garden plants, and together they wrote the Encyclopedia of Water Garden Plants (Timber Press). She writes frequently on water gardening for Fine Gardening, American Nurseryman, and Pondkeeper. Most recently, Greg was director of Hilltop Garden and Nature Center, a program of Indiana University in Bloomington. She is the co-owner of Crystal Palace Perennials, a groundbreaking nursery that helped popularize water garden plants.

Common names are cross-referenced throughout, enabling plants to be found easily, even if the botanical name is unfamiliar. The encyclopedia offers complete information on hardiness, culture, propagation, and pests and diseases.
With more than 700 beautiful color photos and helpful introductory chapters on pots, soils, and fertilizers, this book promises to be the bible for the selection and cultivation of every water garden plant. The introduction describes and explains the A-Z section, including detailed features on the plant kingdom, plant nomenclature, types and shapes.
Plants are arranged alphabetically by botanical name, with an introduction for each genus, as well as background data on the botanical family, geographical origin, native habitat, the range of plants within the genus and any unusual qualities.

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