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The 2012 USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map is the standard by which gardeners and growers can determine which plants are most likely to thrive at their location. Gardening Under Cove by William Head and Four-Season Harvest by Eliot Coleman (affiliate links) are excellent books to learn about ways to keep your garden growing in cold months. These 8 Tips will help you be successful in garden zone 8b, no matter which area of the country you live.
Have your frost protection ready – Even in Texas 8b, plants are susceptible to frost damage, just not as frequently or for such extended periods of time.
Thanks Morgan, Thanks for stopping by – gardening in the South is certainly different, but we can grow a lot more here than up north. To get the most out of gardening, you need fairly good knowledge about the growing zone your location belongs to, as well as which plants thrive in that zone. Since the USDA zones are based on winter lows only, the variations in summer temperatures, especially in the Southern United States, are not given due consideration. While it is the coldest zone for strawberry tree and rock rose, it's the warmest for others like Kousa dogwood, smoke tree and astilbe. Angel's Trumpet (Brugmansia): This plant bears large leaves and equally large but delicate, trumpet-shaped flowers. Astilbe (Astilbe chinensis 'Pumila'): The feathery, terminal plumes of Astilbe are quite striking in mass plantings. Blanket Flower (Gaillardia): A plant that thrives on neglect, Gaillardia is especially suited for the dry areas in this zone. Bleeding Heart (Dicentra): The heart-shaped flowers hang from long stalks and gently arch over the ferny foliage, which gives these plants a delicate and graceful look.
Daylily (Hemerocallis): Bearing large flowers in solid colors or beautiful color combinations, these free-flowering, practically trouble-free plants deserve a place in every garden.
Cranesbill Geranium (Geranium himalayense): These hardy geraniums bring the charm of wildflowers into the garden. Hosta (Hosta undulata): These shade-loving plants come in different leaf sizes and variegations. Bigleaf Hydrangea ( Hydrangea macrophylla): This shrub's large flower heads in white, pink or purple never go unnoticed, and they are an asset to any garden. Goldflame Honeysuckle (Lonicera x heckrottii): This climber bears pink flowers, and their yellow interiors earned this plant the epithet Goldflame.
Cucumbers: These extremely easy-to-grow vegetables can even be grown vertically in small gardens.

Tomatoes: With a number of popular varieties to choose from, tomatoes are one of the most popular home garden crops. Summer Squash: Considered one of the easiest crops to grow, squash is a popular home garden vegetable. The relatively temperate climate of zone 8 allows gardeners to grow a wide variety of plants for both beauty and food. Find expert tips on gardening from a recognized Master Gardener and turn your dried up weeds into a beautiful landscape!
Click on an icon at a lower perennial garden plans zone 8 place for planting and growing information. The map is based on the average annual minimum winter temperature, divided into 10-degree F zones.
You would think that I could just pick up and start gardening where I left off, but you’d be wrong. In the Pacific Northwest, November through February is the “off season.” The only way you are going to be growing anything is if you have added cold frames, greenhouses, and cloches to your garden repertoire. These months the climate is so hot that most gardeners “take the summer off” by planning their crop harvest for June.
I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wasted perfectly good plants by setting them out too early. According to the USDA zone map, zone 8 covers a wide band in the southern region of the United States, from Texas to Florida. The summers are hot and humid in the Southeast, while they are hot and dry in the Southwest, limiting the gardening season in these areas since some plants go into dormancy in the heat. Though zone 8 is too warm for lilacs, many other plants from zones 7 and 9 may actually do well in this zone depending on the microclimate of your location.
This specific zone structure gives a more comprehensive picture about the microclimate of your specific location and helps you select the best plants for gardening success. The simple flowers in shades of blue, pink, purple, and white cover the plant during the blooming season, but the leaves are just as delightful.
These plants do put up blue or purple flower stalks, but they are mainly grown for leaf cover. The powder puff-like flowers come in pink or red and are often the only flowers in the garden.
Train them against a wall in the sunniest part of your yard, and be they are planted in soil that drains well.

Tomatoes require at least eight hours of full sun each day to taste their best, and they should be planted by late spring or early summer.
If you are new to gardening, be sure to plan your garden ahead of time and check with a local greenhouse or your Cooperative Extension Office for a list of plants that do well in your particular area.
Time atomic number 49 the spring or amercement for zones v eighter OK for zone quartet with snow Zone 8 Vegetable planting calendar to assist in plannin. Institute robustness zones will help you figure out which plants will flourish in your garden.
Funny enough, both of my gardens are in zone 8b – and I thought “no sweat, I can do this! Learn about the benefits of mulch and other permaculture practices that help to conserve water in the garden.
Oak trees play host to a variety of wild life; the acorns produced by the trees is source of food to many animals. Be sure to provide a lot of organic material in the soil, and plant some basil between rows to repel squash beetles.
Texas cover crops are used in the hot season and are planted at the end of June, with plans for tilling in September. I’ve found that the most consistent way for me to me to keep track – year to year – is The Gardening Notebook  (affiliate) from SchneiderPeeps. Once established in a suitable site, these plants put up a reliable flower show year after year.
Your zone any micro climate within your zone that is specific garden plans zone 8 to your website the sun exposure and the soil conditions.
I use it as my garden journal, yearly garden planner, and I expect it to be my future garden problem solver.The Gardening Notebook has been especially insightful to me as I adjust to the new garden seasons of Texas. Gardening and outdoor keep Gardening release Garden Plans & implant Lists Garden fashion designer Chris Robert James Fischer divided Linda Lipsett's 30 by ninety foot plot into three distinct zones a. We have two collections that will not only add color, but contrasting color to your porch, front entry way or tucked in your shaded garden bed.

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