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An authentic reproduction of fine antique paving flags from a bygone time, Tanners Mill sets out to recreate the characteristics of the Yorkshire paving flags that were being produced in the Victorian times. The distinctive worn antique appearance ensures Tanners Mill to be ideal in complementing period properties and perfect for use in the traditional English garden setting. The TANNERS MILL PROJECT PACK consists of 40 paving slabs and covers approximately 9.00m2 based on a typical jointing gap of 10mm.

Patio Paver Stone Decorating is part of Patio Paver Stone Decor Collections posted on Patio Paver Ideas, Patio Paver Stone Design. I pride myself on being able to provide excellent customer service, which is why all the staff here at Simply Paving are friendly, approachable, and go out of their way to offer support and guidance. Whether you’re looking for patio paving or block paving for your driveway, Simply Paving offers a wide range of products including walling, building materials and finishing touches from leading suppliers including Bradstone and Stoneflair.

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