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Typically paved with larger paving slabs, block paved or cobbled patios are also very popular. Sealing a patio can be slightly different to sealing a driveway but none the less just as effective. By sealing or cleaning and sealing an older patio you can protect it from fading, attracting dirt and grime, and generally keep it looking better for longer. An older patio can benefit hugely from being restored, and new patio should almost certainly be sealed to protect the longevity of the stones. Why not look at our regional specific patio sealing pages for, Newcastle, Northumberland, Durham or Sunderland.
Indian Sandstone and Natural stone is one of the most expensive garden patio stones you can have. The customer at this project was disappointed by the condition of her patio stones, although at first glance they didn’t look too bad. All the patio slabs were professionally cleaned with our machinery, then all the joints were completely re pointed, and finally the full area was sealed with our protective patio seal. It does matter how bad the patio condition seems to be we can always achieve a positive result as this patio in Gateshead shows.
As a Marshalls approved contractor, we can install many different types of garden paving including patios, paths, circle features and steps to completely transform the look of your home.
SE Landscape Construction specialises in paving, patio paving and garden paving, servicing customers in Chelmsford, Brentwood, Billericay & Romford and throughout Essex, Kent and Suffolk.

Professionally designed and installed patios are a very effective way to add value to your home. Deciding on the size, shape and type of paving slab to create your patio be a difficult decision. Its usually best to choose a paving slab that would suit the style of your house and match the colours of the brickwork. Below, you will find before and after pictures of just some of our patio installations in Essex. The Kelkay Abbey Paving Slabs are moulded to reflect the fresh hewn look of natural quarried flagstone. A patio more so than a drive is used by the owners of the property and used for a different purpose, Most people enjoy entertaining and BBQ’s or simply just relaxing in the north east sun!. So like the problem this customer in Chester le Street faced, unless you want it to rain everyday the sealing the patio stones is the answer, it will bring sheen to the colour of the stone and completely enhance its appearance. The patio flags were in very poor condition and needed extensive cleaning to remove the imbedded dirt and grime.
Every paved area we install is uniquely designed to match your requirements as well as suit your gardens surroundings. The costs involved are often recouped due to the increase in property value; making patios a profitable investment.
If an edging is necessary then you can choose a suitable edging that will compliment the paving slab.

The irregular riven pattern and chiselled edges are faithfully reproduced to give a truly random and unprocessed appearance. Alongside this the patio flags had developed weeds in the joints after the joints had crumbled causing regular maintenance to be required. Once sealed the product dries in matt and not wet leaving a beautifully protected patio in a lovely cream stone colour not yellow! While probably more importantly protect the slabs from weathering and dirt and grime in the future. Once cleaned the patio paving flag were sealed with a colour enhancer and protective sealing. Due to patios usually being built in sun traps in rear garden the sun can have an adverse affect on patio stones in the long term, also heavy foot traffic over time can leave your patio looking dirty and un-appealing. Total Driveways Newcastle team set about restoring this patio and protecting the patio stones from the same problems in the future. The process is not restricted to just natural stone it can be carried out on nearly all types of patio flags. Patios will vastly improve your home and provide all of the benefits of having an extra room during the summer months, acting as an extension of your home, giving you the ideal space to enjoy your garden.

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