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Since we finished the installation Mr Brace has also fitted his own alarm, data and telecoms cabling and has hooked up a web-enabled infra-red security camera to the studio allowing him to log anywhere in the world and still see his garden office. Join our online community, get inspiration for your garden room and build your dream space. The trouble is, with many people bursting out of their homes there is not the luxury of creating a working office within the house itself. For years there have been many shed workers building garden office space however in recent times people are demanding more from their outdoor spaces and looking for increased durability, functionality and refinement.
Just because you are looking for a contemporary office in the garden does not mean that you are looking for any less than a beautiful room.
Manufacturing in-house means that you can have all you can imagine from your luxury garden office. Working in a contemporary garden office gives you the feeling of leaving the house to go to work whilst retaining the luxury of not having to commute.
Owning a garden office brings many financial benefits including increasing the future sale ability of your home and often significantly increasing its value.

Choosing a garden office as opposed to extending your main residence is typically a quicker, cheaper and simpler option.
With prices from as little as ?10,000 fully delivered and installed speak to us today about creating your perfect garden office. Our clients also wanted to improve their work life balance and decided a separate garden office pod in their Brighton garden would help achieve that goal. After seeing the website our clients decided to book a consultation and loved the Green Studios “your garden office, your choice” attitude, to getting the right design for each client. Design and quality weren’t the only considerations, sustainability was important to our clients who love the outdoors and the garden. A garden room was the answer and an external office would mean fewer interruptions reinforcing it as a separate workplace. In addition to this the garden office studio can easily be converted later to enjoy during their retirement. For that reason, more and more people are utilizing their garden space to create garden rooms and garden offices.

Our garden offices are manufactured from the finest of materials and benefit from full insulation, pre wiring for power and communications, argon filled double glazing with hard wood frames, integral window blinds and much, much more.
Different roof options, floor coverings, external cladding and interior fittings are available meaning that you can have the exact garden office you have dreamed of. Many garden office owners enjoy improved lifestyle benefits from spending more time at home, enjoy more time with their families and make even more of their garden. As a creative design based business our clients were highly attracted to the functionality offered with each garden room, which combined contemporary style with flexible design. Each garden room feature is built in-house by experienced craftsmen and delivered directly to the site. Almost a year later later they are still in love with their dream garden office pod in Brighton.

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