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Step Up Your Garden Game With Terraced PlantingsWe're going to level with you: Slopes in the landscape can be tricky. Traditional terraced gardens tend to reflect the planting style of the overall garden or style of the house.
More often in contemporary gardens, hardscaping can be the overriding design feature, as with these simple concrete retaining walls.The plantings are used to emphasize the clean lines of the walls. In some ways this terrace design is very similar to the previous one, with its white retaining walls almost dominating the garden. Again Cor-Ten steel is the material choice for the retaining walls of this terraced garden.The glaucous coloring of the succulents contrasts well with the metal, and the plants are perfect for dry conditions. One of the real benefits of terracing is the way it links the house to the garden as well as to the contours of the landscape.

The same thoughts on integrated planting design have been used in this enclosed garden, with green as the predominant foliage color. I have been involved all my working life with design, garden design, horticulture and garden retailing. While it is vitally important that the size and height of the retaining walls are in balance with the house and garden, it is equally important that the plantings don't overpower the hardscape.The precise plantings in this terraced front garden link all the beds of differing height and size because they have the same color and tone.
Terraced gardens and walls not only help in aesthetics but also serve in reducing your carbon footprint. Having worked as a buyer for a large garden centre in the south west of England for the last 8 years I have recently moved to Kent. A terraced landscape is created by building a series of retaining walls, allowing space for level beds or lawns.

The horizontal beds lead the eye out, creating the illusion of the garden being wider than it is while providing usable space.The terraced plantings are minimalistic on the lower levels, with manicured lawn stepping up to a line of ornamental grasses — the whole creating the theater for the living wall at the rear of the garden. From stone and brick for traditional gardens to concrete, metal and railroad ties for contemporary landscape designs, we have a wide choice of materials to create retaining walls, but the plantings are what can really add style to the terrace.

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