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Now that spring is officially here and you are motivated to get in the garden, you might not be sure where to start.
One of the biggest and best is the 25th Annual San Francisco Flower & Garden Show, taking place March 24 through March 28 at the San Mateo Events Center. This year, there will be 20 display gardens, an extensive garden marketplace, and special emphasis on eco-friendly and sustainable gardening practices, growing edibles, farm-to-table programs, and for the first time, a full-sized outdoor Victory Garden.
The 14th Annual Boise Flower and Garden Show takes place from March 26 through March 28 at The Centre on the Grove.
The show features a main theme garden with a water feature, outdoor kitchen, and cobblestone spa, as well as smaller display gardens.

The Boston Flower and Garden Show (formerly the New England Spring Flower Show) runs from March 24 through March 26 at the Seaport World Trade Center. Even though garden shows are indoors, bring a light jacket or sweater since they keep the temperatures on the cool side for those beautiful garden displays. The show is known for its beautiful garden demonstrations and increasingly large number of workshops and presentations. These medieval gardens provide inspiration for those with period revival houses, or for courtyards or covered walks.The Cloisters sits at the northernmost part of the island of Manhattan. The Gothic-period Bonnefont Cloister garden is historical, with plantings restricted to medieval species of European origin.

A medieval garden was planted for all five senses; with more than 250 species of herbs, the Bonnefort garden is colorful and fragrant. The French Romanesque garden features crossed paths that form quadrants of lawn with four perennial borders.
For information specific to medieval-inspired gardening—pollarding, the medieval lawn—see The Cloisters’ lively blog.Our thanks to Deirdre Larkin, associate horticulture manager at The Cloisters.

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