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As climate change wreaks havoc on gardens, with high temperatures and either low or high rainfall, designing a low-maintenance garden makes a lot of sense.
Since lawn requires more water than any other area of a garden, replacing lawn with gravel and beds, or stone-paved areas, allows for planting of drought tolerant shrubs or varieties that require far less watering than lawn. Putting down a gravel path is an affordable, simple and natural alternative to concrete or stone pavers and can be used to complement a formal or informal garden design.
While rocks are certainly low-maintenance and can be used to create interesting features throughout a garden, they become so hot and bright in the sun that the landscaping can become unpleasant to live with. Turning an existing high-maintenance garden into a low-maintenance design doesn't necessarily mean ripping up and replacing the entire area.

Gravel paths and walkways allow for natural drainage and reduce the risk of flooding during the rainy season, while hardscapes and raised beds create a garden that is easy to maintain. Where water drainage is a problem, these materials allow water to drain away naturally and reduce the risk of water pooling or flooding a garden. By working in stages you can create a low-maintenance garden that matches the style of a home - or your lifestyle. Mediterranean plants like rosemary and thyme thrive under the hot sun and are ideal for mass plantings in beds and borders along pathways. Drought tolerant and hardy plants will ensure a low-maintenance garden this is full of colour and interest.

Your local nursery or garden centre will be able to advise on the best plants suitable for sun or shade, and for spring, summer or winter displays.

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