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Then there was the lightweight tiller that promised to be the end of all my garden woes - the best garden tiller ever. As any gardener knows, attempting to garden without a good tiller is akin to ditching the automobile and using only bicycle power for all your traveling needs. In case you want to get your tiller purchase right the first time, let's look at exactly what you can expect with the top tillers on the market today. Overview:If you're looking for a lightweight electric tiller to keep your existing garden plot clean, you'll probably love the Earthwise TC70001. It, too, was love at first swipe - until it got temperamental and gleefully watched me repeat my pull-string calisthenics again with no chugging turnover to show for it. Not only is it impractical given the modern technology we've been blessed with, it's also downright frustrating watching your tiny plot struggle to grow compared to the gardens of your friends, which are exploding with vigor thanks to all that loose, well-turned soil. After all, it's much easier to rule out a tiller for chronic carburetor flaws than to sit in the baking sun and try once again to clean out your carburetor.
Like any tiller, it's important to remember that even lightweights will require some muscle, particularly when attempting to break ground or cover rocky soil.

If this has been your experience, you might want to take a look at the Black & Decker TL10 electric tiller.
The variable weight feature can transform this handy tool from a lightweight garden tool into a substantial workhouse. Get Started with Installation Services & Repair Moving ServicesFind everything you need for your move. When it misbehaved, I would expend every ounce of energy I had reserved for tilling my vast garden just yanking the pull-string over and over to no avail. The wheels fold out of the way for easier tilling, and the electric aspect makes starting the tiller a snap. This workhorse of a tiller uses the power of a Briggs & Stratton engine to chew through tough garden jobs that lighter tillers would struggle to conquer. This well-designed machine is at the head of its class for an electric tiller that will pull its own weight - and then some. Although the price tag can be a bit prohibitive, it's a good compromise between a more basic tiller and a full-size rototiller.

Unfortunately, the energetic get-up-and-go nature of this tiller can take you on a ride when working an unturned or rocky plot, but as long as you know that, this tiller should only reward you with good surprises.
Like most tillers, the gasoline engine can be a trouble spot if careful post-season maintenance isn't followed each year. With the brilliant sand ballast feature, you can add weight to the tiller and allow it to go deeper than most electric tillers can handle. Although it might not cut through the same turf that a rototiller could handle, it's likely that if you have a well-prepared garden plot that's already been turned, you'll be thrilled with this tiller. Still, as long as you empty the tiller of fuel so that none remains behind to gum up the carburetor through the cold winter, you should have no problem starting this front-tined tiller up as soon as the ground is ready to be worked.

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