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I had thought of doing sort of a living fence with planter boxes built in, but think that will be too overwhelming for the small yard, and only increase the shadiness. In my mind, you really shouldn't even see the cables too much, once the garden is in and established. I think the cable would look fine, especially if you can incorporate some column details like you mentioned with the caps or gray color. I have to say, as much as I love that style of fencing, I also have reservations about that style of fencing with that particular house. Create a living privacy fence - Cable wires mounted between fence posts create a sturdy support for climbing plants. San Diego Cable RailingsThis is a custom color we mixed to mimic the color of Ipe hardwood timbers.
San Diego Cable RailingsWe use stainless steel cable and the cost varies depending on the application.
I agree about painting the posts, though I worried that white paint with the cable rails might give it a somehow 'marina' type of feel, which is obviously not what I am going for.

I plan for it to help support some of the taller plants along the edge of the garden (digitalis, maybe a hydrangea), and for some of the smaller plants to sort of poke in and out of the cables.
They have a fence that has large, grid panels (not chain link) alternating with panels of corrugated metal. I do wonder how much of the top fence rail is structural and what doing without it might do to the fence as a fence. I think I should field this question to San Diego Cable Railings.Photo of a beach style full sun front yard landscape in San Diego. I think you'll mostly notice the fence posts, and the plants, and then realize that the cables are there.
I think the other positive is that if I install the cable and either hate it, or say down the road she wants to list the house for sale and would prefer a more 'mainstream' look, I can always take the cables down and put the wire mesh up in its place. It's not at all unusual to see modern yard sculpture combined with an older, updated bungalow.
I'll have to play with that idea; it might be that adding a cap to the post would avoid that 'marina', beachy feel that I don't want.

The photo I posted is actually of a cable railing on a deck (which is the primary use of these structures, from what I can tell), and so I believe the top rail is there for comfort in leaning on and using the railing going up and down stairs. I have seen some deck railings without a top rail, mostly in situations where the view would be impaired by such. Not trying to push you away from the cables idea, but it's an option that is very cost effective. I know all of the fittings and cable will be rated to hold any potential climbers, unless an NFL linebacker happens by.
I just wanted a general opinion, because if it's something that 90% of the public is going to hate, then I may go for a more traditional wire mesh with the wooden posts, instead of the cable.

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