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The containers of tomatoes and peppers shown here are only a few of the many edibles that you can use to beautify your edible landscape. The following photo gallery shows just a few of the many ways you can use tomatoes and peppers in your Edible Landscape. Even though you have no garden soil to grow your edibles, you can still grow tomatoes on a patio. If you’re interested in incorporating more edible flora into your garden, this is the event to attend! Taking place in Palo Alto this Saturday, the 6th Annual Edible Landscaping Tour will feature 10 edible gardens and lots of innovative gardeners. The dark and monotonous facade of shade gardens often causes them to be overlooked, but by using light-colored, shade-loving plants, you can really brighten up even the gloomiest shady areas. I just love the contrasting white and green blades on the Acorus plant — it adds dimension to your shady garden area. Plant close together – When you plant flowers or edibles close together, your pooch will be more likely to go around them versus through them. This week we want to remind you that there are only 2 weeks left to check out Sculpture in the Garden, the unique annual event held at Ruth Bancroft Garden in Walnut Creek, CA.

On Tuesday we discussed how to walk away from a long day of gardening sunburn- and ache-free.
Use ergonomic garden tools: There are tons of great garden tools coming out these days that have been designed to put less strain on your wrists, arms and back. Tidy green rows of vegetable gardens dot neighborhoods across the United States during the warmer months.
I’m sure you can come up with many more designs to help spread the word-Tomatoes and Peppers belong in an ornamental garden! I’m sure with a garden like yours, you have a ton of gardening wisdom waiting to be passed on. Lucky for us, we actually carry a line of ergonomic garden tools by Radius Garden in our online store! We love the selection of colorful ergonomic tools by Radius Garden — especially the Gator Grabber, which makes bending over virtually unnecessary!
Water Wise Edible Landscaping, Sat June 30 in Mill Valley: Yes, it’s possible to conserve water and grow food in your backyard! If you’re planting for a modern garden though, plant in large groupings of 7 or more.

This masking effect can go a long way — especially when you cherish your garden as a place of relaxation.
And birds and butterflies are not only nice to watch, but they do all sorts of good things in your garden — like pollinate.
Master Gardener Lisa Strand will cover the basics of site selection and preparation, the grape varieties suited to our Mediterranean climate, and what you’ll need to do to ensure a healthy crop. Lindsay Dailey of Fairfax-based Homesteading Marin will discuss how to select plants for a garden that produces food and conserves water by mimicking a natural ecosystem.
Although pleasant to look at during harvest time, vegetable gardens often defer to flowering ones when it comes to prominence and appearance.Not so with edible landscaping. I also plan to install a new keyhole garden out front for myself and the neighborhood to enjoy.

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