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CONTAINER GARDENING was the topic of the April 29, 2013 edition of my weekly public-radio program with guest Bob Hyland.
My challenge with container gardening is the container: they can be so expensive and so heavy. I’ve been searching for potting soil recently and can only find bags with fertilizer added. This is a great article and so timely since I’m now starting to think about my pots in northeast Ohio and what I want to plant. I have just started my little herb Garden, and I also want to create a sky garden and wall garden decoration, what a wonderful picture that’s all I am looking for. September 23rd, 2013 at 1:18 pm i am interested in vertical garden ,I was very glad if you could provide size and price on the establishment and care of vertical garden.

It’s a 4,500-square-foot indoor-outdoor pop-up shop specializing in great containers, ready-to-go pot designs, and plants for containers, too, in collaboration with the until-now-wholesale-only growers at Xera Plants.
This is the first year filling my 3 hyper tufa troughs with succulants with a corkscrew in the middle to see if I could pull it off. The pots have to be large, and frost-proof so they offer the plants enough insulation (large volume of soil) and also don’t crack. First extract finished compost and topdress your vegetable-garden beds with it, getting a jump on spring soil prep. You can buy them when you need them but it would be much better if you will always have them in pots near by.
If you're tight on space, opt for ceramic pots or unusual containers like mason jars, tea pots, and old soup cans.

In summer those of us who have some gardens or balconies, organize growing herbs outdoors, so I’ve prepared some ideas and inspiration. Of course to have them on your kitchen or right outside your kitchen door you need to organize a thoughtful herb garden that also looks great.
Take one of your plants earmarked for the side and plant it by gently pushing the plant material from the inside out and filling the container with more soil until you get to the next side opening.
Robin Hood is the smallest NPR station in the nation; our garden show marked the start of its sixth year in March 2015.

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