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Today's My Garden is a charming collection of dwarf Japanese Maples and bonsai in a small pocket of Zone 6 in Ohio. John and MaryAnn Thesing live in a little pocket of Zone 6, in Ohio, where they've created a charming garden of dwarf Japanese Maples and bonsai. My wife and I did not have any interest or experience in gardening until we bought our first home six years ago.
We did everything ourselves and many of the design ideas were born out of cabin fever in the cold Ohio winter, while we were dreaming of spring, as well as during countless summer evenings spent in our backyard on the patio with friends over dinner and wine, when I would suddenly have a landscape design idea run through my mind. We have spent countless hours during the winter on the internet researching plants and making calls to garden centers to see if they could order plants that are considered unusual for our area.

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The Thesings explain how they transformed from indifferent to passionate gardeners over the years, as well as sharing some great photos of their garden in full splendor with us in today's My Garden.Our garden is located in Euclid, Ohio, and is featured on our city’s pond and garden tour.
My wife is from the Bahamas, so I wanted our garden to be lush and colorful (but not tropical by any stretch of the imagination) to make my wife feel at home.At night our garden takes on a new life as landscape lights illuminate the landscape, giving many of the Japanese Maple leaves a translucent appearance. We now have such a love for landscaping that many of the garden centers and nurseries in the surrounding 50-mile area know us by greeting us with a laugh and saying, “Oh, you’re back again!
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Because our garden is a four-season garden, we like to use plants that will give year-round interest. Our garden is an ever-changing work in progress that varies during the changes in seasons or because of a “gotta have” nursery find that we rush home to plant and make it work into our landscape. Their slow growth rate makes it easy to keep them to a desirable size and shape as Japanese Maples respond well to proper pruning.

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