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If you ever moved into a new home with the outdoor area overgrown with weeds you’ll know that landscaping design ideas aren’t always easy to come up with, especially not when you need them in a hurry! Because most of us have to manage with a small plot of land, it’s important we use our landscaping design ideas in the best possible way so as to ensure that the available area is being used to capacity. Designing a garden can be fun but before you can have any clear landscaping design ideas, you need to decide exactly what should be incorporated into your garden landscaping design.
There will no doubt be other questions that are specific to your family so my advice is to gather each family member together and ask them how they believe the garden should be used. Once you know what you need in the garden it’s time to start putting your landscaping design ideas into practice.
If you don’t need a grassed area it may be worth considering a gravel garden instead of a lawn. Although you’ll undoubtedly have many landscaping design ideas of your own, consulting gardening magazines and websites is always helpful and can often help you further develop your landscaping ideas. One area that every family should include in their landscape design is an area for entertaining.

All that remains now is for me to wish you good luck when implementing your landscaping design ideas and to say that I hope you enjoy your new garden. Malaysia, small garden design has been the most common and practical approach among urban residential properties.
A small garden is usually not more than 800 ft-square area of size for a typical terrace or semi-D  house in Malaysia. Our small garden design will take into consideration of minimizing maintenance, maximizing space to functionality and keep things simple and clean.
Garden design in Malaysia throughout 2013 has been gaining even more popularity especially on residential. Gardening and landscaping are both focusing on home improvement using mainly plants to enhance the natural beauty of the premises. For this reason, it’s important we spend time on garden landscaping design before we start to dig!
Draw up a plan of the garden so that you know exactly which components need to be placed where.

Although it is challenging to design a garden dealing with the limited spaces but as a property owner, you have paid a price for every square inch and corner of the house. Designing a small garden will need a lot more considerations and hard work for it to look good all year and beyond client’s expectation. They are often the most fun to design and the most pleasing to see grown on and still looking good after years of use. Depending on individual preference of the functionality for that space, some might just prefer a strictly plant garden and some might consider to add features for relaxing purposes. Although if you have a tiny outdoor space, there is no reason why our designer can’t transform it into a vibrant garden for you.

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