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Simple and rustic, yet colorful and quite functional, southwest landscape design is an intriguing, low maintenance garden style that is growing in popularity. Southwestern style gardens, also referred to as Santa Fe style, are very natural and reflect the arid, sunny climate of the southwest. Clean lines and minimalist patterns, paired with bold colors and rugged textures give the southwestern style its quaint charm. Use similar materials to construct other hardscape features in your design, including driveways, large garden walls, and pergolas. Integrated hooks are ideal for accenting your look with lush hanging baskets that complement the southwestern flair.

Patio dishes, wall accents, and other decorative accessories with a southwest theme are essential as well. Cacti are trademark plants of desert landscaping, but there are a number of drought tolerant plants that can add color to your outdoor space while complementing the southwestern theme. Recent rain shortages across the nation and a rising concern for the overall condition of our planet has made the southwest garden style a popular option for homeowners outside of the southwest region.
Because this garden style is so diverse, there are many possibilities for decorating your outdoor area. Choose bright colors, rough textures, and natural materials for a genuine southwestern flair.

Unfinished wooden garden furniture, bright-colored woven rugs made of rugged, weather-resistant materials, and earthen pottery are ideal accents.

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