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The gardening gals over at Garden Rant have arranged for a series of guest rants while they are about other business, and it is worth stopping by to hear the ranting opinions of others.Today, Stacy Moore writes about xeriscaping and the misconceptions gardeners have about gardening without much water.
The final tallies are in and, sadly, Garden Variety was not among the winners in this year's Mouse & Trowel Awards for garden blogs. Today is the final day for voting in the Mouse & Trowel Awards, given to the best garden blogs, and Garden Variety wants your vote! It is the 15th of the month and that means it is Garden Bloggers Bloom Day on the Internet.

But I didn't want to pay $150 for one, and I didn't want to have to run a power cord across the lawn.Fellow blogger Gayla Trail at You Grow Girl offered this elegantly modest water feature, designed by a friend using spare clay pot saucers. Again.I am in the midst of a garden makeover - not the whole garden, just a corner - and my mind is a jumble of ideas and plants.
But you are!With 548 nominees and more than 5,000 individual votes cast, this is certainly affirmation that blogging is here to stay as a way to get solid garden information out there, as well as a way for gardeners to share the beauty and passion of gardening. It is one of my favorite blogs because of the wonderful eclectic eye of its author.On any given day -- actually three or four times during any given day -- Rosemary will put up photos she finds of wonderful sunrises, antique greeting cards, terrific kitchen designs, flowers in vases.

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