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Susan Rios focuses on serene setting and gentle harmonies-soft inviting rooms, lush floral gardens, and quiet seas that invoke tranquility. By using your imagination you can easily transform old household materials into stunning garden art items.
Her distinctive style draws the viewer into the painting to enjoy the love and peace depicted there, uplifting the spirit both visually and emotionally.
Adding decorative objects to your garden is an easy way of sprucing up the outdoor area of your house.

Remove the lamps, install a small bird house, add some dried moss, and you will get a beautiful bird’s house for your garden. Paint the old tires and attach the handle and you will get an impressive art work for your garden.
This is an easy project that only requires painting the ball in red with black stripes and circles. What follows is a collection of interesting DIY garden decor ideas made by recycling salvaged items.

Draw the face of the caterpillar on the front rock and with waterproof glue attach two painted sticks to the top of the face to form the caterpillar’s antennae.

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