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Any beginner gardener dreams of a garden design with big trees, vibrant flower beds, hedges, roses, reservoirs … and is willing to put every effort for giving life of his ideas, forgetting that in the garden everything should be harmonious. There is nothing random in the Japanese garden design, everything has its own meaning – the plants and the order of their placement. Due to the fact that Spain was under the reign of the Arabs for several centuries, this inevitably reflected in the garden design.
The open plan of the English garden design is used to emphasize the virtues of natural plants and, if necessary, to hide flaws. The gardens of Louis XIV are considered as the representative of the style which originated in France and reached its zenith during the rule of Louis XIV. So when the time comes to design your beautiful garden, first of all, it is necessary to determine the style and decide which one of the traditional designs would match your fantasies.

In the Islam water symbolizes the beginning of life and heavenly bliss, so these gardens always have many water sources. Trees and shrubs are located in picturesque groups, the paths repeat the outlines of the landscape and smooth flowing river or a quiet pond add to the life of the garden. The structure of the Chinese garden fully meets the Feng Shui study for harmony in the relationship between man and nature. Fountains and pools lined with stone, colored ceramic or glass give these gardens a fairy character and small channels emphasize the strict geometry of the layout.
Another distinctive feature of the Spanish garden is the limited patio (courtyard) in the open. The plants, suitable for a French garden design are Thuya , spiraea , fir, maple, tilia and decorative plum and apple.

Japanese gardens are designed in such a way so that they reveal beautiful landscapes gradually.
Flowers in the English garden grow right through the grass and the lawn is never bordered with stone curbs. A special highlight of these gardens is the pavement that serves as a transition to a stream or pond.

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