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The trees of Mill Run, Pennsylvania, frame Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater in golds and greens, as captured by Belle Chaise while visiting the famed house.
This field next to Melanie Rekola Landscape Design’s home in Ontario, Canada, is a playground for this happy pup. High above the streets in Bushwick, Brooklyn, designanddine spotted fall color in New York City. Shape and Pattern Set Gardens' ToneCircles, angles and squares add structure to your landscape design. It is important that generous curves within the design have a purpose, perhaps leading the eye to a feature within the garden or even to something outside the boundary, such as a vista.The design here is enforced by the way the planting has been clipped to conform, but its essential character is based on its underlying pattern. Differing sizes of regular shapes can unify a design and, in the case of smaller outdoor spaces, confirm its use as an outdoor room.Giving shapes differing heights will lend definition, but the depth of this sunken also acheives the same effect.

Materials Mold the Tone of Your GardenThe regular paved section of this design could overpower the overall look, but the use of green strips between the blocks visually links both areas and creates a composite pattern.The materials you select to complete your chosen shapes will mold the tone of your garden. I have been involved all my working life with design, garden design, horticulture and garden retailing. In the design of smaller gardens it is especially important that the shapes used and the patterns that these shapes create suit your situation.
When designing a garden, you are not thinking in terms of paving or planting, but how the shapes and patterns they produce will form and create the tone of the scheme you have in mind.Curves and circles can be difficult to use, especially in small gardens where they can look forced and artificial. The simplest of all shapes in garden design is the square or rectangle, as house walls and boundaries usually suggest a 90-degree pattern.
Both hard and soft landscaping materials complement the strong shapes created in this front garden.

From concept to design to installation, no one offers you the service and experience that you deserve like we do.
Curves, circles, right angles and squares are all shapes that we use in garden design, but how and where we incorporate them makes all the difference in setting the tone of your garden's style.
We invite you to visit our gallery to see our work and to learn about what we can do for your landscape.

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