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Raised bed Gardening has become very popular over the past few years since raised beds are relatively inexpensive. If a plant gets diseased or infested with insects, pull it out immediately and replace it with a different plant so the problem doesn't spread. 1Dig a foundation trench four inches deep and wide enough to accommodate the ties, usually seven inches across, using a shovel. 2Lay down your first set of four railroad ties, creating a square or a rectangle if you use two sets of ties of different lengths. 3Drill pilot holes through both layers of ties at the corners and drive a 12-inch spike into the hole with a one-handed sledge hammer. More advanced designs can be constructed using more than eight ties, extending the length or width of the railroad tie raised bed walls. If you use genuine old railroad ties, as opposed to railroad tie-like timbers from a lumber yard or home improvement store, odds are the tie has been treated with creosote or another industrial preservative.

If your beds are wider than 3 to 4 feet, it's too hard to reach the center to weed, water, and fertilize your bed. The basic idea is to build your beds about 12 to 18 inches inches deep and no more than 3 to 4 feet wide.
Plant your favorite vegetables, herbs, and flowering plants at the proper times for your area. You can mulch your plants with straw, shredded bark, or other organic materials to conserve water and to prevent weeds from growing in the beds. Perhaps the soil in your backyard is rocky and of poor quality, or maybe you want to put the flower bed on a paved surface, like a concrete patio. Lay a second set of ties on top of the first, alternating at the corners so the tie above covers the seam where the two ties beneath it meet.
However, you may need to cut railroad ties down with a chainsaw to fit into more advanced designs.

Do not use treated railroad ties around a raised bed where vegetables or fruit grow or in areas where children play.
Remove all sticks, rocks, and other debris, and rake the tops of your beds so they are smooth and flat.
For example, when you have an early crop of lettuce and it is finished, pull out the lettace plants and plant another crop such as peas.

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