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My friend, Alan Schmadtke, built a garden bed for his wife, Cindy, using the raised garden bed plans my husband Lars used to create me backyard raised beds. About two-thirds of the way to the top – the top being 4 timbers tall – we added some manure and then come vermiculite (for drainage).
Next time around, I might aim to drill all the holes in the same place and go through all the timbers. This entry was posted in Gardening and tagged fall garden, garden plans, garden soil, landscape timbers, raised beds, raised garden bed, raised garden bed plans by Julie Anderson. Lars (left) and our friend Mark built two raised beds last year, altering the design a bit. Two years later, when Lars made similar garden beds for our friends Kathy and Mark, he found it easier to make the bed 7 timbers high.

After shopping for supplies, remove the grass down to the dirt where you will lay the timbers. Use a level and rake to even the dirt and compact it.
Next, stack and intersect three layers of timber, driving the 12-inch spikes into the corners and middle of the sides again. Three years later, two raised garden beds supply a variety of vegetables and herbs in my backyard. This entry was posted in DIY, Gardening and tagged how to raised garden bed, landscape timbers, raised beds, raised garden, vegetable gardening by Julie Anderson.
Although the timbers are made of pressure-treated wood, the polyurethane will help the wood last longer.
After it’s complete, drill some horizontal holes at the base timbers to let water drain.

There are many styles and ways to build raised beds, and I would like to see what others have built. The first weekend was filled with shopping for timbers and spikes, cutting timbers and fitting them together and then putting on a coat of polyurethane to set the stage for a longer life.
He decided to make our first bed 8 timbers high to spare my back, but you can make it much lower if you want to save money.

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