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Brass buttons get their name from their tiny black tinged foliage and button like bronze colored flowers.
It was really perfect timing because I have been meaning to buy an accent pillow for our bed ever since we bought our duvet cover last year. Last year we added some ground cover to the bed to fill in the areas where we didn’t have any Purslane.

It is just right for backyards where it can grow in clumps and will not invade your flower beds.Crushed leaves of this fragrant plant smell like fresh hay. It is easy to grow with fragrant foliage and lovely white or pink flowers during the warmer months. I know… not exactly the bedroom you would find on the cover of Southern Living or Dwell, but it would have been perfect at the time since I suffered from so many migraines.

There are dozens of other options that work as ground cover and add a lot of beauty to your garden.

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    One particular idea is to spread gravel.
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    Petunia give non-cease color you one particular flaw.