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Most of the Bluemist Flowers have faded but these are full and fluffy – reminds me of tiny pompoms. Some flowers are bravely hanging onto an old-fashioned Geranium.  Wind gusts have been high lately. Gray Globe Mallow (Sphaeralcea incana) still has a few flowers, which surprised me.  I consider this was a hot weather bloomer.
This little bee was flitting back and forth searching for an open bud.  Since this picture was taken many flowers have opened.

They don’t bloom with a great mass, but the delicate tubular flowers on the ends of tall stalks are pretty.
This tropical Hibiscus has been in this pot for eight years.  The beautiful flowers make it worth hauling into the shed each winter. I love Maxamillan Sunflowers (Helianthus maximiliani) with lots of flowers on each stalk.  They grow in the bar ditches around here. The cooler weather is great, but it also means winter will be here soon and flowers will be gone.  But winter is what makes spring so special.

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