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Creating an easy-to-maintain landscape is simple if you include some Flower Carpet roses as part of your landscape plant. This slope was a disaster waiting to happen before it was planted with Flower Carpet Appleblossom and Pink.
Flower Carpet roses can be planted around a pond to keep little ones from wondering in, or in larger displays poolside. Mixed Flower Carpet varieties keep kids and critters from accidentally wandering into this garden pond.
This single-color filled container of Flower Carpet Yellow, Lady’s Mantel and carex is the only flowering plant within this landscape. Flower Carpet can withstand not only high heat conditions that are common along hot black-top driveways, but also winter road salt spray and snow plow damage. Flower Carpet Scarlet with lavender make a lovely mix and helps with erosion along this bank.

With its non-stop blooms, Flower Carpet is the perfect for boosting your curb appeal and welcoming friends and neighbors with very little time or effort. With its long bloom time, Flower Carpets are ideal in perennials beds, especially beds that loose color once other perennials end their bloom cycles. Flower Carpets are ideal for foundation planting because although their roots are strong, unlike many plants used for foundation plantings, they aren’t strong or large enough to damage foundation walls.
Flower Carpet Pink Supreme adds interest to this landscape while serving to control erosion. Depending on the variety and your location Flower Carpets can be left uncut to grow along or over fences, creating an old-fashioned cottage garden look. Flower Carpet roses come in a variety of colors and a full listing of those can be found on the Flower Carpet page under Easy Care Favorites.
Beautiful, literally we can say flowers are the most beautiful creation of nature in the world, when we see flowers we can’t imagine the creativity of god!!!

Blogger Info: Judie BrowerJudie Brower is a guest blogger who loves growing all things and enjoys the views from her home office in Vermont. Easy Care Flower Carpet roses comes in a wide variety of colors – from soft Amber, Appleblossom, Pink Splash, Coral and White to bolder tones of Scarlet, Pink Supreme, and Red. The original ‘eco rose”, Flower Carpet requires no spraying, chemicals or fancy pruning to keep it performing.  A simple cut-back each spring, a good mulching, watering as needed and some fertilizer is all it takes to keep it blooming all summer long!
Low-maintenance, drought tolerant Flower Carpet roses are ideal for areas that are often hard to reach with hoses or sprinkler systems.
Their sizes vary slightly depending on variety and your geographical location and weather conditions.  Regardless of your color and size choices though, you’re sure to find a variety to suit your own taste and landscape needs.

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