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This homeowner uses micro-irrigation to water plants as they are established.  They are easy systems for anyone to hook up to their outside spigot or to their underground irrigation system. If installed and used properly, micro-irrigation saves water and puts the water where the plants need it---at their roots. Outdated landscaping practices that emphasize large lawns requiring heavy irrigation and fertilizer use threaten springs, the aquifer as well as rivers, lakes and bays.
This community in Osprey, Florida requires Florida-Friendly Landscaping, which makes use of native grasses and plants to reduce need for irrigation and reliance on fertilizers.

Zoom+ The Interactive Yard is an educational tool designed to teach basic concepts behind Florida-Friendly Landscaping.
The educational website FloridaYards.org was designed to help Florida residents learn about the basic concepts behind Florida-Friendly Landscaping. The site includes the Interactive Yard showing users how to replace lawn areas with planted beds featuring Florida-Friendly plants, microirrigation and mulch. The site also includes a database of Florida Native Plants and other plants that are well-suited to Florida's climate and growing conditions.

Also, water withdrawn from the aquifer to water lawns and landscaping has a significant impact on spring ecosystems.

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