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Flagstone is a sedimentary rock, which simply means that it is composed of many different layers.
Flagstone is pricey, especially if you are buying quality material and installing it the correct way. If you are going to go this way, make sure you do it right from the start and it all beings with ensuring that you purchase top quality material, and select an experienced crew that installs flagstone for a living; not a side-gig. The Mega Arbel, Flagstone Paver is a relatively new product on the market right now, and is extremely popular.
Since the paving stones are backed with a guarantee, you can have piece of mind that your new flagstone paver patio, driveway or entryway will be the last one you will ever have to install. If you love the look of natural flagstone, and price is not a concern and you understand the maintenance factor to upkeep your new install, then natural flagstone is the way to go.

If you are looking for a less expensive option that is backed by a lifetime product guarantee, and is relatively maintenance free, then Flagstone Pavers are for you. The contractor that gave us an estimate on installing flagstone, says that it will cost the same amount for pavers. You might have seen a flagstone installation where it appeared like there were divots or holes scattered though-out the installation, which is in fact the sedimentary layers of the stone flaking away. If you are going the flagstone route, then it really doesn’t make sense to do it any other way, then top notch material and utilizing an experienced installation crew.
Since we are comparing pavers to flagstone, the great thing to note is that Belgard (an Oldcastle Company) manufactures a paver, called Mega Arbel, which is intended to replicate the look of natural flagstone.
Many customers who are interested in flagstone and then discover Belgard’s Flagstone Paver are sold almost immediately.

Assuming you were going to select a quality flagstone installer and a quality stone, then YES, Flagstone Pavers will be half the price. Our masonry installers are trained professionals and experienced in the installation of flagstone, pavers, concrete and brick.
Flagstone also creates a great look, but a much more distinctive and natural stone look than pavers, and is also available in various shapes, shades and sizes. Natural stone or flagstone is also a great choice for durability, but may break or crack under pressure in high traffic areas.

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