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M&S Stone Quarries, located in Grantsville MD has a complete range of building and landscaping products such as sandstone, limestone, slate, fireplaces, and more! Flagstone is a flat stone, usually used for paving slabs or walkways, patios, fences and roofing.
Whether you need flagstone for your patio or custom cutting of a hearth, we're here to help.
I do purchase rock occasionally, I bought some 'Mexican Pot Rock' which has natural cavities to plant succulents, pumice(feather-rock)for fountains, and limestone from the local quarries to build walls.

A friend of mine is building a series of flagstone pathways through her backyard - flagstone being so gosh-darnit expensive we went to a construction site dump-ground (where they dump all the stuff after the construction is over), and pilfered pilfered pilfered.
The stones shown below include cobblestones and flagstone for patios and walkways, thick blocky stone for retaining walls, slabs for stair treads, and decorative boulders. My front yard garden uses rock extensively and my favorites come from mines, quarries or construction sites.
We have lots of limestone, really flat ones perfect for flagstones, etc., and lots of fossils and whatnot.

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