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If you use Rocs brand flagstone, which is real flagstone, already cut and fit bonded to a netting, you can save labor and get a real stone look. Below is a perfect example of how we took a small patio that the builder put in, added a few extra feet of concrete and capped the entire patio with flagstone. When looking for a flagstone patio in the league city, seabrook, friendswood, galveston area call eds landscaping. Pennsylvania Cut Flagstone - Dry LaidRandom cut flagstone, dry-laid and set on a 3-4 inch compacted crushed stone foundation. Tennessee Flagstone - CementTennessee Flagstone is a beautiful option that adds a Southwestern flavor to your landscape.

Flagstone with Brick BorderAnother attractive option is the Pennsylvania Flagstone set in cement, accented with a brick border.
Random Flagstone - MulchAn example of a Random Flagstone walkway with mulch between the stones. Walkway - ConcreteUpdating concrete walkways is another method of providing walkways for your home.
Be sure that the concrete surface to be covered has appropriate grade to divert water away from structures or other areas of concern and to avoid water accumulation.
His solution was to use Deck-O-Seal to create a taper between the brick and the existing concrete.

He has a real good mason that works for him who is suggesting I put flagstone over the concrete. Because we have our own rock yard with flagstone from all over the United States, we can work with you to pick the proper stone, thickness and color to make your  project a success. I thought I'd have to cut away some fo the concrete and lay in some nice bullnose pavers and have a brand new pool.

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