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The I-75 Ultra Asset Maintenance team is proud to announce that the current contract with the Florida Department of Transportation has been renewed for another seven-year term beginning April 1st, 2015 until 2022.
The Woodrow Wilson Bridge Turnkey Asset Maintenance Services (TAMS) management team is proud to announce that the current contract with the Virginia Department of Transportation and the Maryland State Highway Administration was recently renewed for the first optional two-year period. DBi Services began its new I-95 Georgia Comprehensive Maintenance Asset Maintenance Project at the stroke of midnight, January 1 2015. Highway maintenance contractor DBi Services has been awarded the Road Marking and Studding contract by Derbyshire County Council. Effective June 2 2014, DBi Services has acquired the assets of Texas Tree & Landscape LTD. DBi Services announces acceptance of first-ever FDOT District 2 contract renewal under the existing Duval County, Jacksonville, Florida project. DBi UK has secured the contract to survey all of the road markings and road studs across the Highways Agency (HA) Area 7 network utilizing AMAC.
Since 2008, DBi Services has provided comprehensive management, operations and asset maintenance for roadways, structures, rest areas, recreational areas and weigh stations for 254 centerline miles on I-75 in Florida from Broward County to Hillsborough County.

A technical paper entitled “Performance Based Maintenance Contracts” will be presented at the 17th International Road Federation (IRF) World Meeting & Exhibition that will be held in November in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
DBi Services UK announces its successful pre-qualification for inclusion on the National Roads Authority (NRA) Delineation Framework contract. July 1, 2014, TME began work for Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), District 5 in Marion County under a performance based asset maintenance contract.
The work on this project includes all maintenance activities from right of way to right of way, including Structure Inspection and management of Florida Department of Corrections maintenance crews.
Paff Tree Service, LLC participates in all aspects of the industry from commercial to residential, including annual tree maintenance of Banks, Hospitals, Shopping centers and State Contracts for Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) and conservancy groups throughout Florida.
DBi Services will continue to provide comprehensive management, operations and asset maintenance of all roadway, roadside, structures (District 4), rest areas, recreational areas and weigh stations for I-75 from Broward County to Hillsborough County.
The Virginia Department of Transportation has extended its first two-year renewal of this project that will continue under the comprehensive snow and ice maintenance of DBi until October 6, 2016. DBi provides comprehensive asset management and all routine maintenance to interstate facilities within the existing and future rights-of-way of Interstate 95 in the State of Georgia from the Florida to South Carolina state lines.

This project encompasses maintenance services for 471 centerline miles, 36 limited access miles, 2500 intersections, 1400 manholes, 300 miles of sidewalk, 150 miles of drainage pipe, 60 miles of guardrail and 10,000 sign panels. Following immense interest from various HA areas, A-One+ are the first provider to award a contract of this nature. Of the many services provided to FDOT under this contract, the ones related to the seven Rest Areas maintained under this contract receive the most attention by travelers. The Department of Corrections works crews perform fence clearing and repair, litter removal, tree trimming, manual slope mowing, guardrail repair, small sign repair, drainage cleaning and repair, landscape maintenance and other similar types of maintenance activities.

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