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Place the edging sections in the trench on the inside of the bed area.  The edging should be about ? inch or so above what will become the finished grade. Sometimes, depending on the project, it is helpful to pre-assemble the edging sections before placing them in the trench. If you need to make a corner, it’s easiest to cut almost halfway up the edging (approximately 1- 2 inches) with a hacksaw.  Then, bend the material over a brick, piece of wood or over the end of a table. Please note, if your surface is uneven or on a hill or valley, you may want to cut a “V” Shaped notch in the bottom of the edging using a hacksaw and then bend to accommodate the grade change.

Next, cut the section of edging to the desired length at the end of the bed area using a hack saw.
And now your landscape is completed and ready to withstand whatever abuse you or mother nature may have for it. You can use your best judgment depending on your preference and the length of the landscape bed. Start with the first piece of edging you installed.  Again, backfilling the topsoil as you insert the spikes will help to ensure even lines.

If you decide to do this, measure out the length of the entire landscape bed to approximate the total number of sections to connect.  Then, slide the ends together as demonstrated before and place in the trench you made.

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