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Landscape Consultations are our basic landscape design service, appropriate for smaller projects such as foundation plantings or garden renovations that do require any drawings.  Typically we meet with you to discuss your landscape preferences and needs and provide you with a written proposal for the work at later date.
Whether you are looking to enhance the everyday appearance of you garden or spruce up your landscape for a special occasion we can assist you in the selection of site furnishings, garden accents, seasonal decor or floral arrangements.
You have interviewed several landscape design professionals, and now you are ready to hire a professional designer for your landscape project. Types of Agreement DocumentsAgreements can take different forms, depending on the scope and complexity of the project.
Client ResponsibilitiesThe designer needs some information from you before he or she can start the design process.
Copyright and Document OwnershipThe designer will provide you with a set of design drawings, either as a concept plan or a full set of detailed construction drawings.
Falon Land Studio LLCMaterials for installation and installation methods are covered in the construction document set for residential projects and are not part of the services contract. It clearly defines the scope of work and sets expectations for communication, payment and document ownership.

Basic services are what will be provided within the scope of the agreement, and supplemental services are additional tasks that incur additional fees. It’s a very exciting time, and you are probably bursting at the seams for the landscape architect to design the garden of your dreams.
It sets the stage from the very beginning for a productive working relationship in which both parties know what is expected of them.As a landscape architect, I am including this information based on my experience for informational purposes only. For example, the basic services could be outlined as a scope of work that includes concept design, planting design and construction administration, with a definition for each type of service.Supplemental services are defined as anything requested by the client that’s not defined in the basic services. Through landscape design, I create spaces for quiet reflection and lush gardens using native plant palettes and sustainable stormwater techniques. This article is not legal advice; landscape designers need to hire a lawyer to create and review contracts. An example of a supplemental service is a major plan revision after a final site plan has been approved.
All this means is that you will be able to use the drawings however you need to in order to get the project built, which includes sharing the drawings with landscape contractors.

Instead, the design drawings are detailed to include notes and information about how things are to be built. I'm a contributing writer to Houzz so that I can be active in the conversation about sustainable design for residential projects. An agreement can take several forms, and there are some imprtant clauses to understand when going into a contract with a designer.
A helpful starting point is the American Society of Landscape Architects’ standard form contracts.
For example, a $15,000 lump-sum contract might be divided into 10 percent for a down payment, 30 percent for the concept design, 30 percent for construction documents and 30 percent for construction administration. Here’s how to make sense of the landscape design service contract so that you and the designer have clear expectations and a clear agreement setup before the work begins.

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