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Branch Tree & Landscape Service has an extensive evergreen knowledge base and has applied it in a variety of evergreen settings over the years. Planting an evergreen tree in a poor or wrong location does not produce long term sustainability. It’s important to plant evergreen trees where the potential for drying out in the winter is minimized.
Soil moisture needs to be maintained for evergreen trees to withstand winter or drought conditions.

Evergreen trees generally only need corrective pruning, to remove dead, diseased or damaged branches, or to establish a leader – the vertical stem at the top. Branch Tree & Landscape Service offers the services of its qualified arborists, graduate foresters, and state licensed applicators in Michigan and the Metro Detroit area with a dedication to quality and your satisfaction that you expect and deserve. Proper evergreen watering and mulching fortifies evergreen trees from winter injury caused by the drying effects of wind and sun; occasional fertilizing and pruning keeps them green and shapely.
Evergreen trees such as spruce and pine are under attack and in decline to a level most of us have never seen before in the state of Michigan.

For your arborvitaes, spruce trees, hemlocks, Douglas firs, any evergreen species, make it Branch Tree & Landscape for their care. After assessment, they can outline the right plan for evergreen cultivating, watering, mulching, fertilizing, and pruning.

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