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This slope looks steep and scary, but this is what we work on and this is why we wrote this publication. Safe Harbor uses natural systems to stabilize steep, very steep slopes and eroding coastal bluffs. The key to solving erosion issues is controlling the speed and infiltration of storm water.
In this example, a steep slope with a wetland down slope, has been eroding due to contributing sheet flow from an upslope parking area.

If the hillside has native plants covering it, there was no runoff and the soil slowly relesed the water over the season.
It may include a few invasives but we keep them for soil stabilization, cutting the stems before they seed.
Our natural, steep slope stabilization system incorporates storm water management, erosion control and revegetation. Apply Indigenous Compost: indigenous compost (fully decomposed indigenous plant material) is thinly spread across the slope and gently raked into the hillside.

Excessive compost is prone to erosion and invites invasive and exotic vegetation, which cannot contribute to sustainable habitat. Utilizing the simplicity of natural systems will control erosion and encourage indigenous revegetation.

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