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The blocks can be stained to match any color imaginable–so it can fit seamlessly into your design and the natural surroundings of the landscape.
The precast modular block is available in a smooth textured finished and more the aesthetically pleasing cobblestone textured finish. Cantilever wall systems are typically large “L type units with” an extended footing on the front side of the wall. LHV Precast can custom manufacture high quality cantilever retaining walls that are precast using reinforced concrete.
I'm building a 3'-4' retaining wall in my backyard and I'm in the process of choosing block. The blocks you linked to are more for decorative purposes; one or two courses around flowerbeds or trees.
Understand that a wall like the one in the picture will probably run you between 15 and 20 grand, installed. In our case, we had a large amount of earth to retain, but decided it was best to use a tiered approach building two 3' walls with a 8' set back between each.

Rockwood Classic® 8 SRW retaining wall is manufactured by Ernest Maier at our block plant in Bladensburg, Maryland. Rockwood Classic® 8 is typically installed as a grid reinforced retaining wall in fill situations and cut situations with ample room for geo-grid tiebacks in the reinforcement zone. Ernest Maier Site Solutions recommends all walls 4' or taller be designed and stamped by an engineer licensed in the state where the wall will be built. Allow 1 week for the plans to be evaluated and preliminary engineering review and estimate to be generated. Aesthetically, the big block provides an 'old world' massive appeal of large cut stone blocks. The Ernest Maier team highly recommends that a licensed engineer review the plans and provides the preliminary estimate. The Stone Strong Engineered Retaining Wall Systems’ have revolutionized Big Block Technology because it is the fastest, most affordable way to build the strongest, highest-quality gravity retaining walls. Ideal applications include affordable retaining walls, landscaping walls, durable privacy walls, sound barriers and industrial gated entrances.

On top of the blocks and the labor, there is a LOT of prep work that goes into building a wall like this. The larger the block, the heavier the block, the sturdier the wall, and the better it will hold back whatever is behind it.
Without any interlocking of the bricks, the wall will eventually tilt as the earth behind it pushes on it. LHV provides engineered shop drawings for these systems, as well as, construction consulting services. You have to consider grade on both sides of the finished wall, water drainage (water will sink into the soil and collect behind the wall), as well as build a proper foundation beneath grade (this particular wall represents maybe about 20 TONS of stone, so it needs a very solid base of compacted crushed gravel to prevent shifting and sinking).
And yes, you need all of this, because if this wall moves, the soil behind it moves, and then whatever that soil is supporting (like your house) will move.

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